Assurance Services

Asset compliance and active contract management in UK PFI through a collection of multi-disciplinary specialist resources.

Our approach

Semperian Assurance Services (“SAS”) is a dedicated division established to manage asset compliance and is responsible for the development and implementation of Semperian’s proactive framework in relation to the public sector’s focus on the PFI sector.

The division has been established to harness multi-disciplinary specialist resources, as a holistic support function. It is dedicated to redefining group-wide practices, associated with the public-sector compliance enforcement focus and the impending UK PFI expiry programme (“Hand-Back”).

SAS is set up to focus on the delivery of central government initiatives, associated with the Department of Health’s Centre of Best Practice programme, IPA’s Hand-Back requirements and resetting the contract compliance framework across the group. The team is formed of experienced asset management professionals who are committed to achieve Semperian’s objectives.

SAS Senior Management

Support Functions

Semperian Assurance Services operate a broad skillset that work in partnership with the public section in order to provide assurance of contractual compliance

Operational Management

  • Project documents obligation analysis
  • Detailed performance monitoring assessment
  • Benchmarking and market testing management
  • Payment mechanism and calibration analysis
  • Financial reviews and invoice reconciliation 
  • Accurate and timely reporting reviews
  • Project risk analysis and monitoring
  • Improvement plans and settlement negotiations

Technical Support

  • Variation and capital works management
  • Project resourcing and support
  • Specifying, tendering, procurement and managing works
  • Construction compliance and condition inspections
  • Fire safety engineering assessments
  • Defects diagnosis and compliance analysis
  • HTM gap analysis and critical asset reviews
  • Statutory and Mandatory Compliance

PFI Handback

  • Portfolio analysis of project documents to identify and document handback related obligations/information/processes
  • Mapping handback processes and key milestones
  • Supporting the development of project specific handback plans for the management of the process.
  • Handback data collation & management
  • Asset management and whole life costing 
  • Coordinated development of processes and strategies for Handback 
  • Early collaboration with Project Stakeholders
  • Handback obligations advice and specialist support

Emma Lancaster – Managing Director of Assurance Services

Emma joined Semperian in 2017. She has recently been appointed to the role of Managing Director for Assurance Services, in addition to being a member of the Executive Committee. She is also currently a Board Director on several large operational PFI/PPP projects and leads the operational delivery of 13 healthcare projects.

Emma has over 14 years’ experience within the infrastructure management sector and has a wide range of experience in many operating sectors including health, education, defence, custodial, leisure and social care. She has also acted as a Lender’s Technical Advisor to a number of funders of PFI/PPP projects.

In 2020, she joined the senior leadership team as a Regional Director responsible for the South West and has navigated through challenges across the region managing a number of complex projects. She leads from the front, supporting, sharing lessons learned and best practice, always demonstrating a clear vision. She drives change with a meticulous attention to detail and has a desire to positively influence the wider PFI market and the future of infrastructure.

Prior to joining Semperian, Emma worked in business development, supporting the delivery of PFI projects from bidding and closing to construction and operational management.

Craig Ashton – Commercial Director

Craig joined Semperian in September 2008. He has held the position of Commercial Director within the Semperian Assurance Services team for the last two years, developing and implementing Semperian’s framework response to the Centre of Best Practice programme.

Craig has over 15 years’ experience within the infrastructure management sector, the majority of which focusing on complex PFI/PPP schemes in Health, Defence, Custodial and Education sectors. He has extensive operational experience coupled with key commercial skills. He is also an accredited mediator with the Chartered Institute of Arbitration.

Prior to joining Semperian in 2008, Craig delivered front line facilities management and compliance roles with Land Securities Trillium’s public sector key accounts.

Tom Dewar - Head of Semperian Handback

Tom joined Semperian in February 2013. He was appointed to the role of Sector Head of Semperian Handback in September 2019 having previously been a Senior Lifecycle Manager within the Professional Services division where he delivered asset management and whole life costing services to PFI/PPP companies and PFI/PPP infrastructure investors requiring long term strategic asset management advice.

Tom is responsible for facilitating and co-ordinating the development of ‘Handback’ compliance strategies for all PFI/PPP projects within the Semperian PPP Investment Partners Limited portfolio. This is being achieved through a multi-disciplinary ‘Handback Panel’ where compliance strategies are determined, and appropriate resources allocated to achieve the agreed objectives. Tom is responsible for co-ordinating and managing the activities of the panel in order to achieve the strategy objectives and takes project lead responsibility for delivery of the agreed strategies.

Tom is an experienced management professional with extensive experience in facilities, energy and lifecycle management disciplines with an extensive knowledge of both the operation and management of PPP/PFI contracts. A specialist in lifecycle / whole life costing in PFI/PPP projects with a track record of delivering significant value enhancement.

Tom has over 20 years’ experience in the PFI/PPP industry, prior to joining Semperian in 2013, Tom spent the previous 12 years working for a developer of PPP assets and a number of associated FM Co’s.

Kate Evans – Financial Controller

Kate joined Semperian in May 2012. Having worked within the Project Finance Team as a Finance Manager, Kate went on to become an Assistant Financial Controller and has recently been appointed to the role of Financial Controller for the Semperian Assurance Services Team. Kates focus is to coordinate and facilitate financial reviews and detailed invoice reconciliation in order to ensure financial contractual compliance.

Kate has over 9 years’ experience of working within a Finance Function at Semperian and prior to joining Semperian Kate worked as an Audit Senior for Grant Thornton UK LLP.