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Semperian has one of the largest portfolios of PPP assets, with the largest asset representing less than eight per cent of the portfolio.

Asset % of portfolio
Berlin Embassy2.80
Dundalk Road2.90
First Priorities MHU2.90
A1 D2D Road3.00
Norfolk & Norwich Hospital3.20
South Tees Hospital3.00
Swindon Hospital3.50
M40 Road3.50
Government Accommodation4.60
University College London Hospital7.50
Residual Assets63.10

Semperian owns an interest in 91 assets, with the following characteristics:

  • Mostly Availability based income source, providing 91% of future income
  • Limited construction risk, providing under 0.0% of future income
  • High degree of asset control, with an average of 80% ownership of each asset
  • The average remaining life of the investments is in excess of 15 years